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How To Pick A Lock If Are Locked Out Of Your Home!

Have you ever been locked out of your home? This can be very stressful especially if you are in a hurry or have kids with you. Not to mention the weather. In this situation you should really call a locksmith. However, what happens if your phone is also locked into the house!! The first option might be to break a window or kick in the door, however there might be a better way….


Most homes are fitted with a tumbler lock. With a bit of know how you may be able to gain access to your house without resorting to breaking something.


“Pin tumbler locks consist of an outer cylindrical casing (colored green) in which a plug is housed. The small gap between the outer casing and the plug is called the shear line. Remember that. It will come in handy here in a bit. The plug has an opening for the key. When the proper key is inserted into the plug, the plug can rotate, thus unlocking the lock. On top of the plug, a series of five or six holes are drilled. The holes contain key pins (colored red) of different lengths. They’re called key pins because they touch the key when you insert a key into the plug. Above each key pin is a driver pin that’s spring-loaded.


So you have an idea of how the pins look in action, here’s a gif of me inserting a pick into a see-through practice lock:




In the diagram above, there’s no key in the plug. Because of the different key pin lengths, the driver pins cross the shear line, making it impossible for the plug to rotate. If you put a wrong key into a lock, the notches on the key won’t lift up the key pins at the right height, causing them to protrude through the shear line as you can see in the diagram below:”



“In order for the plug to rotate, you need to lift each of the key pins and driver pins to the correct height — until the gap between the key pins and driver pins reaches the shear line. When all of the pins reach this position, the plug can rotate. That’s what happens when you put a properly cut key into a lock:”Read more here…


There are a number of tools that you can use to pick a lock. You just need to find something thin enough to fit into the lock. One of the best and most common object you can use is a bobby pin.

Using a Bobby Pin


“The first thing we have to do is remove the rounded tip from the straight side of the bobby pin. This can be accomplished easily by using fingernails, pliers, or even your teeth. Once the rubber end if off we can begin making our bends. Start by pulling the bobby pin apart and roughly straightening it as such.” Read more…


There are many other items you could use however. Have a look around and decide on the best. Check your pockets and around the back of your house and you are sure to find something which is usable. If you can’t find anything you shouldn’t take, just do a google search for example “locksmiths cork” and you will have plenty of options to choose from.


The Morals Of Picking Locks


“Many people assume only criminals need to know how to pick locks but In reality common criminals rarely pick locks, they almost always smash and pry their way through instead.
Lock picking has grown into a hobby for many. While picking most locks is surprisingly easy, lock-picking is really only if you want to be quiet, are in no hurry, and want to save the lock.
If something has a lock on it and it isn’t your possession it could be seen as a criminal act, regardless if you have good intentions or not. Don’t go messing around with other people’s property unless you have permission.” See full post here…..


So there you have it. Knowing how to pick a lock can save you a lot of time and money. However only use these skills on a responsible manner. You should only attempt to pick a lock as a last resort. You should of course call your local locksmith first.


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